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Kathleen Regan Stallman

- Freelance Illustrator

Kathleen is a graduate of Rhode Island College with a Bachelor's of Arts in Mathematics and Art. After college, she worked as a graphic designer and then as an Assistant Art Director for Martek Corporation, a specialty advertising agency, for a number of years. "My heart just wasn't in that type of work."

Her true love of drawing won out and she left Martek to start a freelancing career as an illustrator. "My first clients were smaller ad agencies who had me as a sort of 'resident' illustrator. I was called upon to do a wide variety of jobs which was great experience. One day I would get a call to do a realistic watercolor and the next day, a cartoon, photography or even costume making. It was very rewarding, but not exactly what I craved."

Kathleen's desire to render realistic, detailed artwork led to the airbrush. It wasn't long before she discovered her medium of choice. "I am always challenging myself to make something more realistic, more detailed, yet out of this world. The airbrush is perfect for this type of work."

In fact, her first airbrush painting was chosen to be included in Airbrush Action Magazine's Airbrush Action: The Best New Airbrush Illustration, Volumes I and II. This led to a Certificate of Recognition for inclusion in Page One Publishing's 1995 Index. She has since worked mainly in the advertising and publishing fields.

CLIENTS include:

Dell Publishing,
Blue Cross & Blue Shield,
Graham Communications,
Newberry Public Relations, and
360 Advertising.


Kathleen is also an accomplished portrait artist. Subjects include: children, pets, houses and custom wedding programs. Please call to discuss rates, deadline, and to see samples.

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kathleen stallman
"I am always challenging myself to make something more realistic, more detailed, yet out of this world."
- Kathleen Stallman